Cedar Canyon Camp

5130 Memorial Road

Rapid City, SD 57702



Summer Retreat 2024 is happening June 24th-26th! We are so excited to host another Summer Retreat where families can come get away, together, at camp, learn more about their faith, and enjoy making memories!


District Conference is not required for pastors to attend this year.  Lay delegates and leaders are still welcome. Appointed pastors will still receive a mileage check like we’ve done before. The activities are free to attend, but there is a charge if you plan to eat or lodge at the campground. Children's activities are also available during the main sessions. 



Lodging will be avalible starting Sunday night through Wednesday night. Lodging will be assigned based on avalibility and number of people attending. There will be multiple lodging options including: modern lodging, economy lodging, tent camping, and RV camping. 




Meals will be offered throughout the week. When you register, be sure to mark which meals you would like to participate in and how many will people will be eating. Meals will start on Sunday night, for those coming in early, and go through Thursday morning, for those who are staying an extra night. 



Sunday, June 23rd:

Early arrival and lodging avalible.

Dinner offered at Cedar Canyon Camp.

We will offer lodging overnight on Sunday, for anyone who would like.


Monday, June 24th:

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner offered at Cedar Canyon Camp.

Evening session and worship with Cedar Canyon Camp.


Tuesday, June 25th: 

Childcare/Kids Ministry avalible Tuesday morning.

Breakfast offered at Cedar Canyon Camp.

Morning session and worship.

Lunch offered at Cedar Canyon Camp.

Afternoon activities: family fun fair, inatables, zip line, etc.

Dinner will be an outdoor, fellowship dinner with a catered in meal.

Evening session and worship.


Wednesday, June 26th: 

Breakfast offered at Cedar Canyon Camp.

District Confrence from 9am-12pm.

Lunch offered at Cedar Canyon Camp.

Check-out Wednesday afternoon OR overnight lodging options.


Thursday, June 27th: 

Breakfast offered at Cedar Canyon Camp.

Check-out at 11am.

*Childcare and children’s programming is available during all session*s.