Large Meeting Rooms- Tabernacle, Upper Memorial and Lower Memorial (100-400 people)


TheTabernacle is used primarly in the summer and fall months as it is not winterized. It is our largest space and holds up to 400 people.

Upper Memorial offers a wonderful space for that is very versatile. Great for youth groups, conference meetings and teaching seasons.

Lower Memorial is a large open room with a fireplace on the back wall. This area is a favorite for our crafting groups. 


Medium Meeting Rooms- White Tail Hall and Black Elk (hold around 50-75 people)


White Tail Hall is seperated into two ajoining rooms with a shared restroom. It offers a beautiful view of the canyon.

Black Elk Meeting room is located in Lower Memorial. It offers a cozy space for a small group and can be set up to suit your groups needs.


Small Meeting Rooms- Blue Room, Red Room and Coffee Shop (hold around 20 people)


Red Room offer spaces perfect for a breakout room. Both are located in Upper Memorial.

Coffee Shop can be rented out upon availability, as a cozy gathering space.