Food Service Director/

Head Cook


Join our growing team as a Food Service Director/Head Cook!  Our goal is to show people Jesus in the Black Hills and beyond through Christian camping.

The food service department is critical in the overall ministry of Cedar Canyon Camp.  It's unique ability to create an environmnet of fellowship over a shared meal while providing creative and eye catching meals that are delicious to every camper and guest are fundamental to the department while excellence in food quality, preparation and service are essential.

The primary purpose of the Food Service Director/Head Cook (FSDHC) is to provide leadership, direction, and management of Cedar Canyon Camp's food service department as well as serve as the Head Cook.  The FSDHC will ensure that CCC meals and meal experience continues to be a highlight of the camp experience and more than just "a place to eat."  Every aspect of food service from prep to clean up will exude the ministry of CCC focusing on fellowship, intentional relationship building, creative menus, and quality food within the context of the overall vision and ministry of CCC.